Flexible Finance Solutions

Throughout the course of 2017, we successfully supplied over 1,000 vehicles to fleet and business customers. Our experience provides an understanding that every business is unique, therefore we offer a range of financial solutions that can be tailored your business.

Our solutions include:

Hire purchase

Our flexible agreement term, combined with our non-restricted maximum deposit, helps to create affordable monthly payments and enable ownership purchase of the vehicle

Deposit > Monthly Payment > Vehicle Ownership

Business Contract Purchase

Similar to ‘Hire Purchase’, this scheme includes a final balloon payment which serves to keep monthly payments low. This allows our customers to either purchase the vehicle by paying out the balloon, or part-exchange with the guaranteed future value (which means no customer risk if trade-in values fall).

Deposit > Monthly Payments > Guaranteed Future Value > Vehicle Ownership

Lease Purchase

Designed for customers who would like their vehicle purchase to be shown as asset. With a flexible deposit requirement, this scheme can be customised in relation to either the inclusion or exclusion of a final residual value payment

Deposit > Monthly Payments > Balloon > Vehicle Ownership


Deposit > Monthly Payments > Sell Vehicle

Contract Hire

An off balance sheet leasing solution that incorporates Road Fund Licence within fixed monthly payments for an agreed term. This is a convenient method of vehicle hire for customers who would like to benefit from no responsibility for residual value depreciation or the disposal of the vehicle.

Advanced Rentals > Monthly Rentals + VAT + (Optional) Maintenance Package

Finance Lease

The rental equivalent of ‘Lease Purchase’, this off balance sheet leasing solution involves the sale of the vehicle at the end of the agreement term and allows our customers to retain 95% of the sale profits.

Deposit > Monthly Rentals > Sell Vehicle


Deposit > Monthly Rentals > Balloon > Sell Vehicle

Manage your fleet with a transparent total cost of ownership

With competitive on-the-road prices, high levels of specification, low maintenance costs and strong residual values – transparent whole-life costs come as standard across the Toyota range 

Thinking about your finances?

Just like us you will have new targets for 2018. If one of those targets is to save money on your fleet speak to us. We can organise a Free Vehicle Audit for your business to explore if we can make your fleet work more efficiently for you

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