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All New Toyota Corolla Hybrid 1.8 Hatchback Design review | Day 5

All New Toyota Corolla Hybrid 1.8 Hatchback Design review | Blog
Long term 7-day road test
Driven by Motor Mistress for Farmer and Carlisle Leicestershire

Day 5 | Interviewing Valentine
Self-charging Hybrids (HEV), Plug-In Hybrids (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV) explained

It’s Friday and it's also the end of a very busy week. I promised my youngest son Valentine (Val for short) that he would get a turn to review the Corolla which may - or may not - have been one of my best ideas to date.

I have recorded this as part of my All New Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Hatchback Vlog, but it pretty much consists of Val saying he prefers it to our ‘old’ car (it’s not old), it has lots of storage places inside the cabin, it is shiny and grey (it's silver) and the boot is soft and comfy. He knows this, apparently, from when he sneaked out in the night and slept in it (he didn’t).

Anyway, the ‘interview’ was cut short by an ambulance appearing on the road ahead of us and Valentine deciding to sign off with a popular online game dance and salute.

Although it was mildly amusing, it didn’t give me much to report back. 

So, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to walk through the differences between the more environmentally-friendly motoring options if you are thinking about making the change from a traditional diesel or petrol engine vehicle.


Self-charging Hybrid (HEV), Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) guide

With so many vehicles to choose from and so much jargon, deciding on which type of car to go for can be a minefield if you are investigating eco-friendly cars with a view to leasing or buying one.


Self-charging hybrid guide HEV

Sometimes referred to as an HEV, a Hybrid vehicle takes power from the electric motor at low speeds and when more power is needed, it switches back to using the internal combustion engine (ICE).

Hybrids use less fuel than regular-fuel vehicles as the electric motor takes energy and stores it to the on-board battery using regenerative braking to power the motor.

One of the major benefits of self-charging Hybrid cars is that there are no concerns regarding the need to plug it in, and there is no range anxiety.

This is particularly important for people who regularly travel on long journeys and of course, those of you who have concerns about the charging network infrastructure.

In summary, although it does require petrol, it doesn’t use as much as a standard petrol vehicle would, giving you the best of both worlds. The All New Corolla Hybrid ticks all of these boxes and more with its innovative technology.


Plug-In Hybrid guide PHEV

Often referred to as a PHEV, a Plug-In Hybrid is first and foremost an electric vehicle that uses fuel only when the battery power is depleted (rather than the other way around).

When this happens, it switches to sustain mode and the ICE will come into effect to transfer power to the electric motor.

A PHEV is a great choice for people who are looking for a vehicle with very low CO2 emissions, very high mpg fuel consumption and who would like to take full advantage of extended electric vehicle (EV) driving. The Toyota Prius Plug-in – that boasts a charging time of just 2 hours – is a perfect fit if this sounds like an option worth exploring for your needs.


Electric Vehicle guide EV

An EV is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an electric vehicle. You plug it in (many have a charging point installed at home and do this overnight) then drive it. No visits to the fuel station required, ever.

This is great and does work well for some but concerns regarding range and where to charge whilst ‘on-the-move’ are not to be taken lightly.

Although manufacturers of electric vehicles are working constantly to increase driving ranges, driving a pure EV is very often still only considered suitable for those who only ever travel shorter distances, and/or as a second ‘runabout’ or fleet car.


Day 5 | Summary

Today I learned that kids appreciate the simple things when it comes to cars. As should we – comfortable seats, a spacious boot, aesthetic appeal and in-car storage are all considerations when it comes to choosing a car.

But choosing how that car is powered, well that’s a whole other issue. Because in uncertain times, it pays to have as many things planned out in the best way possible.

In my view, all environmentally-friendly motoring choices have their own pros and cons. But with the All New Toyota Corolla Hybrid range, I can’t really see any cons.

If you are looking for mega-mega mpg then by all means, go for the EV route. Or for a great compromise, go the PHEV route (take a look at the Prius Plug-In Hybrid).

If you are looking at a stress-free, extremely economical, comfortable and fabulous to drive car, it’s quite simple. Go for a self-charging hybrid. But not just any Hybrid.

An All New Toyota Corolla Hybrid, because I can vouch for that on all counts.

Click here to view my Motor Mistress All New Toyota Corolla Hybrid 1.8 Hatchback Design Day 5 video review 'Vlog' and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn - why not like our pages on Facebook and Instagram, too?

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