20 Years of Hybrid Leadership and

over 10 Millions Toyota Drivers

In 1997 we changed direction…

20 years ago Teletubbies made their debut, Titanic and Men in Black were the biggest films of the year and spice girls were the biggest pop group and all of the kids were playing with tamagotchis buzzfeed.com.  

Amongst all of this, Toyota started a revolution by introducing the brand new iconic Prius Hybrid.

This car changed the way we drove back then and the way we drive and think about cars today.

The Prius was the first electric car that didn’t need charging. At the heart of the new Prius (XW10 chassis) was the revolutionary Toyota Hybrid System, an integrated package petrol and electric engine that could still fit within a regular-size engine bay. These revolutions were all thanks to Toyota’s research and development of the ground breaking innovative hybrid technology that has less impact on the environment and saved drivers money..


Today, 20 years on, Toyota is continuing to innovate, develop and evolve the Hybrid Technology used in our cars. Our entire range of cars includes 8 Hybrid models (a bigger ranger than any other manufacturer), with many different body styles including city cars, people carrier and 4x4’s.

Around the world a growing movement of over 10 million like-minded people and businesses – have made a choice to drive Hybrid and take advantage of more MPG’s, lower fuel bills, reduced carbon footprint and reduced taxation costs. 
The 20th Anniversary of the Prius and the Hybrid technology is a great achievement for us and a very proud moment.  To think, the Prius, this one car single-handedly started the Hybrid revolution is phenomenal. To celebrate we worked closely with one of the worlds leading astrophysicists, we give Prius its very own place among the stars.  Formed of 100 stars named after historical, concept and current Toyota models, the Prius Constellation can be seen from anywhere in the northern hemisphere for generations to come. 

If you would like to see it visit:PRIUS CONSTELLATION 

The time is now

Throughout the course of 2017 we successfully supplied over 1,000 vehicles to fleet and business customers, the majority of which were Petrol/Electric Hybrid vehicles. With our assistance, many of our customers were able to switch to the more modern and cost efficient Hybrid System for the first time. This simple transition has enabled our customers to benefit from vehicles with a high standard of specification whilst reducing their whole life costs, overall CO2 emissions and lowering their taxation liability. In summary, our hybrid vehicles work to save your business and vehicle users’ money.

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