Prius+ Hybrid (7 seat)

Prius+ Intelligent evolution.

Imagine starting a new day with a Prius+. One glimpse of its triangular silhouette on your driveway will make you smile: it looks distinctive and advanced. Its new frontal styling gives you a confident way to face the morning; just as new LED headlamps efficiently light your path ahead.

Toyota Prius Plus, 7 seat hybrid, Family hybrid, Farmer and Carlisle Loughborough Leicester

Prius+ is the perfect family car, with capacity to seat 7 people.

Toyota Prius Plus seating arrangement, 7 seat hybrid, family hybrid,
Toyota Prius Plus seating arrangement rear row, family hybrid, 7 seater hybrid,
Toyota Prius Plus seating arragnement front row, family hybrid, 7 seater hybrid,
Toyota Prius plus seating arrangement rear row down, family hybrid, 7 seater hybrid.

How well does the Prius+ fit into family life?

Watch these videos to find out more:

Prius+ Hybrid (7 seat) 360° View

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