Referral gift of £50 for recommendation to purchase

Farmer & Carlisle Referral Scheme

Over 80% of our new car sales in the last 12 months have been as a result of repeat purchases, customer referrals and word of mouth.

For that reason we have created our referral scheme to say thank you to customers that have helped us.

With our scheme if you refer a customer to us and they purchase a New or Used car we will thank you for your recommendation by presenting you with a cheque for £50.

Recommend now using the links below!

If you have someone in mind that wishes to change their car you can refer them to us today by using the links below.

How to refer a friend, family member or colleague to us

First, give us your details, including:

  • Title, forename(s), initials and surname
  • Email address
  • House number/name
  • Postcode
  • Phone number

Then, tell us about your friend, family member or colleague

We will need their details, including:

  • Title, first name and surname
  • A phone number or email address that we can contact them on
  • If known, details of the vehicle(s) they are interested in (model, size, transmission, etc)

Use the links below to submit your referral:

Submit your referral

Use the links below to contact us about your referral.




Leicester: 0116 285 2851

Loughborough: 01509 215 731

Once we have received your referral we will contact them about their purchase.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your referral and continued loyalty. We look forward to looking after your guest with the high level of customer service that you have become accustomed too.

Once your referral has taken delivery of their New or Used vehicle we will send you your thank-you cheque of £50.

*The Referral Scheme only applies to New Sales customers to Farmer & Carlisle Toyota. They must be recommended by an existing customer. To qualify for the £50 cheque the recommended customer must not exist on the Farmer & Carlisle database either at Leicester or Loughborough. A referral must be submitted prior to the customer visiting one of our dealership. The £50 voucher will only be given for the 1st vehicle bought by the referred customer, any additional purchases will not qualify for the £50 cheque.