We’re proud to sponsor Emma Wigg’s – Paralympian, Paracanoe World Champion (2013, 2014 & 2015) Current World Record holder.

A bit about Emma:

Emma attended a ‘Talent Day’ in 2010; during this talent day her skills and fitness were tested in many Paralympic sports categories by top Team Great Britain coaches. Emma performed really well at these test and was given an opportunity to train and compete for Great Britain in five different Paralympic sports categories. From the choice of 5 Emma chose to pursue Sitting Volleyball because she enjoyed being part of a team.

Emma’s dedication to Volleyball paid off as she was selected as the captain for the World Championships. Emma moved house and changed jobs to focus on her career as an athlete.. Emma led her volleyball team to win a bronze medal.

In 2012 Emma took on a new challenge – Paracanoe! In March 2013 she was selected for the Great Britain Paracanoe team. This change in sport led Emma to be selected for the European Championships; from which Emma returned with a Gold medal and achieved the world’s fastest time. Emma then went on to pursue the World Cha! mpionships and again won a Gold Medal. More recently, Emma won double gold at the 2014 IPC Paracanoe World Championships & is the current World Champion after claiming gold at the 2015 competition.

Farmer & Carlisle Sponsorship

We’re so pleased that when Emma decided to buy a car she chose the Toyota Verso. This is what Emma said about the car..." It's is an incredibly spacious car. Reliability was a main priority so a Toyota was my choice! It also drives well and is perfect for all my wheelchair and handbikes.

For us Emma is an incredibly inspiring, talented and focused individual.We wish Emma the very best and hope she continues to win gold and enjoys many motoring miles in her Toyota Verso.

Watch these great videos of Emma Wiggs: